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Rent a Bee

Mieten Sie sich ein Bienenvolk

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Hier gibt's selbst gezüchtete Königinnen

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Über uns

Über uns und unsere Bienen

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Beekeeping around the World

Hey folks,
I planning to produce a video series about beekeeping around the world and you can help me doing it! There are millions of ways how people around the world keep bees and everybody has his own tips and tricks which are worth to be shared! It’s all about your unique story! Let’s present how the world keeps bees!
This project is a great way to present you and your apiary to the world and to give an important input to the global beekeeping community!

And that’s how it works:
Send me via footage (preferable video!) of your bee yard, you while beekeeping, the nature around, bees, honey harvest etc. just everything you think looks cool + plus a video where you answer the interview questions which you will find downwards!
I’ll edit the whole thing and publish about once per week a story on my YouTube channel ( in English and German. Of course, you will get all the credits and I will link your website and all the Social Media stuff!

How to participate:
Send a folder with the following things via (

• Video sequences of everything you think could look interesting in the story. For example:
Your region, the place where you keep your bees, your hives, you working on your hives, you explaining specialities of your system, extraordinary events, etc.
• A video where you answer following questions in English
1) What’s your full name?
2) Why did you become a beekeeper?
3) Where do you keep bees, country, region and city/village?
4) What is nature like there? Which kind of typical nature is around your hives/place the bees are
5) How long do you keep bees?
6) How many colonies do you have?
7) Which hive system do you use? What are in your opinion advantages / disadvantages of this system?
+ Say what every you think is important/ Interesting -> tips/tricks, bee race, treatments, diseases
• Send me a Word document with all the credits I should give you (your name/website/social media etc.) + where you are from
• With sending the material to the above-named mail, you accept without any further request from Niklas Prescher’s side, that he has the right to use your material or parts of it for whatever purpose and at any time. Niklas Prescher reserves the right of not publishing material.

It would be great and very helpful, if you share this with every beekeeper you know. This way we can reach many people from around the world.
For any questions send me a message on Instagram/ YouTube/

Rent a Bee

Hier möchten wir Ihnen einen ganz besonderen Dienst anbieten. Sind Sie an Bienen für Ihren Garten interessiert? Sind Sie Besitzer einiger Obstbäume für die Sie noch ein paar fleissige Bestäuber brauchen? […]

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„Mitimkern“ – und erleben wo der eigene Honig herkommt! Wir geben Ihnen die Möglichkeit einmal bei der Durchsicht der Bienenvölker dabei zu sein oder beim Schleudern von geerntetem Honig selber aktiv […]

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Entdecken sie unsere Bienen: Heimstand Bienenhaus Bienenprodukte Königinnenzucht   Mehr        

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